The family

BAGLIO ASSULIProducers of the great Sicilian indigenous grape varieties

The wine-growing tradition of the Caruso family has its roots deep into the Sicilian soil.

120 hectares of land and high quality 100% organic wines celebrate the authenticity of the local terroir. In the Western side of Sicily, ASSULI, which means “under the sun” in the local dialect, combines tradition and innovation in a magical location. The winery stands in an area renowned for its centenary wine-growing history and can boast the DOC Sicilia certification. The sun, the light, the high minerality of the soil, the Mediterranean perfumes brought by the wind characterize wines of great personality.

OUR VISIONPhilosophy

The constant pursue of excellence allows the valorization of the indigenous grape varieties, especially Nero d’Avola and Grillo, among the others. Simplicity and respect for the land are the fundamental principles of the daily activities and the choice of producing only wines in purity is the winning key of the international appreciation.


The organic growing underlines the choice to pursue a model of sustainable development based on the principles of safeguard and valorization of the resources and on the respect for environment and health. The plants are cultivated without the use of chemical agents while the vinification takes place according to the parameters allowed by the law to guarantee genuineness and naturality.


We pay tribute to Sicily with wines that represent the characters of the “Orlando Furioso” offering a unique and epic experience enriched by multiple connections to the Sicilian art and literature. Our two masterpieces, Lorlando and Donna Angelica, are the true protagonists of a fascinating tale full of love stories and passion.

LORENZO LANDIThe winemaker

The success of Assuli is led by visionaries and innovators.

Lorenzo Landi, thanks to his many years of experience, his great professionalism and his deep knowledge of the land, is able to produce flawless wines enhancing the territorial originality: delicate fresh and sapid whites that recall the sea, and structured and powerful reds influenced by the wind and the warm temperatures. Landi lays the foundation for the vinification and elevation of these wines that enclose all the Sicilian sun.


Contrada Carcitella marks the beginning of Assuli, a passionate chapter of the Sicilian wine-growing history.

The beginningThe entrepreneurial vocation is a strong component of the family DNA. Giacomo Caruso founded Sicilmarmi after discovering a new marble variety, “Perlato Sicilia”. The high demand allowed him to acquire new quarries and expand the company. Thanks to his success and his great contribution to the Sicilian economy, Giacomo Caruso was appointed the recognition of Cavaliere del Lavoro.
The groupHere a new and unique evolutionary path begins, full of personal experiences, meetings, expertise and inspiration. A story that stands out in the diverse panorama of the Italian manufacturing and creative craftsmanship. The history of Assuli merges with the history of the Group it is part of, creating magical connections with stone and Tuscany. Today the company headquarters is in Massa Carrara, core of the stone industry, strengthening the winning dualism between natural stone and wine.
The baglioThe Baglio Assuli is in a beautiful natural area surrounded by more than 120 hectares of vineyards where the family produces extremely elegant wines. The connection with the land has always been important for the Caruso family, taking special care of the vineyards, expanding them while respecting the highest standards to obtain wines that reflect the family culture and tradition.
TodayCombining the strength of a great international Group with the prestige and uniqueness of an excellent local product, today the third generation of the family, Roberto, Nicoletta and Michele, leads the company towards new goals, transferring an ancient knowledge into the bottle creating wines of great personality and genuineness. Their commitment and openness to innovation enforce the solid example of family positivity which is a guarantee not only for the present but also for the future.

The vineyards

The 130 hectares of vineyards are located in the heart of Western Sicily between Mazara del Vallo and Trapani, with a mild and breezy climate at altitudes from 100 to 600 meters above sea level.

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