Silver hat-trick at the Cathay Hong Kong IWSC

An all-silver palmarès at the HKIWSC competition in which three Sicilian wines from Casa Assuli dominate, finishing in second place.  An amazing result that consolidates the wine-growing quality of Northwestern Sicily. Therefore, the Nero d’Avola, in the  Classic version aged in steel for a period of 3-4 months and Riserva, aged for 10-14 months in medium-toasted French oak barrels and then in the bottle for 12 months, were appreciated. Insolia, the oldest of the Sicilian autochthonous white grape varieties, aged in steel containers for 4-5 months “sur lies” and then in the bottle for at least 2-3 months, was also appreciated. All Assuli wines are vinified in purity to bring out the particular characteristics of the terroir, which includes special pairings of geography, climate, soil and viticulture that affect the grapes grown in each particular wine area.

Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition is a one of a kind event. Organized in collaboration with London-based International Wine & Spirit Competition, the world’s most important platform for the recognition of quality in the sector for 40 years, the award was created specifically for the Asian market by those who are closely involved.  It is, therefore, the first truly oriental wine competition, supported by key factors such as: Chinese food and wine pairing, a jury made up of the most esteemed Asian wine professionals in China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and India – including the director and master of wine, based in Hong Kong, MW Debra Meiburg.

“These new awards are an important signal for our production and for the whole region  as they celebrate the Italian lifestyle in relation to oriental tastes and consumption habits” comments Assuli President Roberto Caruso “The great effort made to strengthen the recognition of our products is having tangible results, of which we are overwhelmingly proud. The 100% organic Lorlando ’19 and Carinda ’21 were awarded , the result of an important choice towards an ethical and respectful production of the natural resources of the production area, demonstrating guaranteed and certified quality of the agricultural phase (vineyard) and of the entire transformation chain (cellar). For years, our wines have stood out in important markets even at an international level, which certify the undisputed quality of a constantly evolving production”. 

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