Lorlando: a 93/100 wine according to James Suckling

A succulent and juicy red with lightly stewed cherries and a dry-earthy character. Medium body, subtle tannins and a delicious finish. Linear and fresh. To be drunk immediately.

The judgement of James Suckling, one of the most important experts in the world, confirms once again the quality of Assuli wines, already consolidated among the winelovers of Sicily. In his latest 2022 rating, he assigns the Lorlando ’19 label a score that reaches and exceeds 90 points.

Beyond this coveted threshold is the Nero d’Avola par excellence of Casa Assuli which elevates the production style of the winery to a symbol of authentic quality, in line with the aim of capturing the essence of the terroir. Lorlando 19 scores 93 points, winning over JS with its unmistakable personality. Assuli therefore demonstrates that it has never stopped, on the contrary, it continues to make wine with the same tenacity as ever, improving day by day and deserving an important recognition.

Overall Suckling underlines a real step forward in quality winemaking throughout Sicily. He first arrived on the island in 1983 and returned frequently to taste Sicilian wines, noting their progress over the years. The exaggerated and lavish proposals of the 90s and early 2000s have given way to wines with great energy and character that today show a greater individuality from the areas that originated them. James Suckling has dived into the varied Sicilian wine offer by uncorking over 500 bottles.

Nero d’Avola Lorlando by Assuli is produced in the heart of Northwestern Sicily, on a medium-textured soil, rich in shells and pebbles, with a good amount of limestone and minerals. The grapes are trained along an espalier using the Guyot method. Harvesting begins towards the middle/end of September, depending on the vintage and the ripeness of the grapes. The grapes are then pressed and destemmed. Extraction is done through traditional pumping over. The process continues with fermentation at a temperature of 26°C.

Lastly, there is malolactic fermentation and ageing in steel tanks for a period of 3-4 months and then in the bottle for another 3-4 months. The harvesting and winemaking are carried out organically, thus protecting the naturalness and craftsmanship of the wine. In fact, the grapes are grown without the help of synthetic chemicals, balancing the natural relationship between soil, plant and climate in the best possible way. Nero d’Avola Lorlando Doc Sicilia Assuli has a compact ruby red colour with purple reflections. On the nose it is a wine of great intensity, with intense aromas of ripe red fruit. On the palate a good balance, with soft tannins can be noted.

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