Healthy and top quality grapes for the 2022 harvest

The sun-kissed grapes will give us an excellent wine. The harvest season has just started in Casa Assuli. There were great expectations and even more. Thanks to a mild winter, no frosts in spring, the climatic trend was regular and the temperatures recorded were in line with those of 2020 and 2021. The winter rains soaked the soils and filled the reservoirs, a sunny summer climate with low humidity that prevented main vine diseases from spreading. All this has brought the grapes to a healthy and excellent phytosanitary state. These are the premises of the harvest that has now started in the western part of the island, in the lands within the province of Trapani where the Assuli vineyards grow.

The varieties with the Grillo varietal, queen of Sicilian white grapes, grown in the vineyards of Carcitella and Segesta. To preserve their aromas and integrity, the grapes are picked in the first hours of the day and according to the right degree of maturation and exposure to sunlight. Harvesting at dawn allows us to work with a more favorable climate and the grapes get to the cellar at a lower temperature that preserves their organoleptic properties.

“This year the plants are surprisingly vigorous and the work done during the winter/spring season together with abundant autumn rainfall, are giving us immense satisfaction in seeing such healthy plants and bunches” affirmed Roberto Caruso, President of Assuli. He also added: “In my brief experience in the vineyard I can say that I have never seen such beautiful vines that seem to be combed by a green hand. I love to remember that in Assuli the wine is transformed in a cellar but years ago this was done in the vineyard. Much of the credit goes to our team in the field which, with obsessive care, makes all these a reality”.

We in Assuli firmly believe that a great wine can only be made with great precision in harvesting the grapes at the right time. The meticulous care of the 100% organic vineyard, is synonymous with the pursuit of the full aromatic potential of the grapes. Furthermore, the trend towards an increasingly sustainable agriculture, no longer focusing on the quantity but the quality of the grapes, allows us to treat each vineyard individually, selecting each bunch, to confirm the qualitative excellence and remove every trace of vegetation.

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