Donna Angelica 2017 is Gold Medal

The 28th MUNDUS VINI International Wine Grand Prix jury of experts awarded the Gold Medal to Donna Angelica ’17, recognizing the high quality of this Assuli wine, the result of a particularly positive harvest marked by a balanced climatic trend.

The desire to express the exceptional qualities of Sicily is at the core of Assuli’s philosophy from the outset. Donna Angelica ’17 is a faithful expression of a terroir that blends the power of the sun with the proximity to the sea, which has always been in harmony with nature. 100% Lucido, native Sicilian varietal vinified in purity, it convinces everyone through its extraordinary quality revealing finesse, elegance, body and harmony. Fresh white with a harmony of salinity and minerality, it offers an ample fruity bouquet with floral, apricot and white pulp fruit aromas.

The Assuli vineyards where these grapes are grown are located on the Carcitella (Mazara del Vallo) plot of land, 120/150 metres above sea level, Latitude 37° 41’13”N Longitude 12° 31’47”E, in a fairly flat area, with exposure on all fronts and a medium-textured soil, tending to clayey and rock-free on the surface. Two artificial lakes inside the bottom guarantee the water supply for the cultures.

Assuli believes in wines that come from a healthy place, produced with full respect for nature and that are representative of the beautiful land to which they belong. And it is grateful that the work in the vineyard and cellars led by oenologist Lorenzo Landi was appreciated in a qualified German competition for the seriousness of the tasting commissions. 

Homage to the territory is already manifest in the name that is inspired by Orlando Furioso, an epic journey full of multiple connections with Sicilian art and literature. And it is she, the beautiful gorgeous, Angelica, with whom the champion Orlando has long been in love and for who he loses his mind to the point of becoming ‘furious’, that is, he goes mad, through being heartbroken. Just as Ariosto’s characters are the protagonists in a polyphonic work, in the same way Assuli wines are able to show themselves to the public through an intertwining of flavours, aromas, experiences and traditions to map out the history of Sicilian wine in the world.

Yet another quirk: in 2018 the name of this grape varietal changed from Catarratto to Lucido which was its previous name. Towards the end of the 1900s it was the most cultivated white grape in Sicily and second in Italy after the Tuscan Trebbiano. Today it is among the six most cultivated white grapes in the world.

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