Carinda Cheap&Chic

Fresh, fragrant, sunny, it makes a good impression and does not lighten the wallet. Carinda has all the credentials to assert itself without fear among the wines to be put on the table at a non-prohibitive price. Because it is easy to impress with high-sounding names, while it is a little more difficult to identify oenological gems that are perhaps less famous but capable of giving just as much satisfaction.

The Berebene 2021 Quality Price Award, an established Gambero Rosso guide now in its thirtieth edition and aimed at wine lovers and sector operators who focus attention on the quality of wines without forsaking the careful selection of the best products, goes to the Insolia ’19, vinified in purity and notable for its finesse. This year the guide has awarded over 850 wines from every region, available in wine shops and online at a price of less than € 13, which represent the best of Italian wine production offered at affordable prices. 

Insolia is one of the main Sicilian indigenous white grape varietals and is certainly the oldest but it is perhaps the most difficult to graft from among the island vines. Widespread mainly in western Sicily, Assuli cultivates it on the Carcitella estate (Mazara del Vallo), at 120/150 metres above sea level on a fairly flat, medium-textured soil, tending to clayey with rocky outcrops. Two artificial lakes inside at the bottom guarantee the water supply for the crops. The cultivation fully respects the principle of organic production established according to strict standards and can boast the DOC Sicily designation.

Carinda is a very pleasant fresh, sapid and mineral wine. Straw yellow in colour, with obvious greenish reflections. Bouquet with very fine hints of citrus fruit that brings to mind the orange blossom. Excellent for accompanying crustacean and seafood appetizers and fried fish.

Another oddity: it stands out through its cheerful yellow label that brings joy and liveliness. A tribute to Sicily that is also reflected in the name, evoking The Frenzy of Orlando and its multiple connections with the island of wonders. Carinda is in fact the beautiful Paladin of France in love with Cladinoro who burns her aunt Bradamante’s magic books and runs away in search of her beloved. She embraces him again after so much wandering and they get married once they return to France at the court of Charlemagne. Just as the characters of the poem are protagonists with virtues and weaknesses in a polyphonic work, in the same way the Assuli wines appear to the public through interweaving flavours, aromas and experiences to trace the history of Sicilian wine in the world.