Assuli presents the new website

It is elegant, dynamic, welcoming.

We wanted it to be just like this: able to tell you our story, the history of our land, Sicily, through the right images and words that could properly express our commitment and passion.

We are proud to present it in all its different sections: the colorful and joyful labels, the oil, our family and its history and connection to the land and the stone world. It is an intuitive online tool that allows you to easily find useful and interesting information by reading the press section and subscribing to the newsletter to stay updated on all the latest news. We want to share with you our constant commitment that became a fundamental value: the Assuli wines, appreciated, selected, awarded and promoted, as the Sicilian ambassadors in the world.


Join us and visit our website to find out more about Assuli and its renewed style and to share with us this journey full of new ideas and important achievements.