Assuli presents the new **knightly labels**

Assuli presents the new line of labels that represents a step forward in the continuous path towards innovation. In addition to the completely renewed design under the creative direction of Mario di Paolo, even the bottle changes shape with an eye to sustainability. An unexpected and disrupting debut in languages and codes. 

The new label collection encompasses all the richness of mythical Sicily: the visual identity that relaunches Assuli has its roots in the past to go beyond the island’s borders and acquire an international resonance. It represents the new Sicilian wine dimension, with an exclusive and unprecedented identity, youthful yet strongly linked to heritage. A celebration of the island: a tribute to history, to elegant culture, to intense colours. And also to evolution.

Credits: Verona Fiere – Ennevi Foto

In addition to the new pink wine Fiordispina, made from 100% organically grown Perricone grapes, the following wines have a new look: Lorlando, 100% Nero d’Avola, undisputed pride of the winery; Carinda, Fiordiligi, Dardinello, the vintage whites, respectively 100% Insolia, Grillo and Zibibbo: they narrate through a destructured illustrations the characters of the chivalrous poem that inspired them, Furioso, embracing the message in an even more coherent way. They constitute a great polyphonic work, spokesperson for the uniqueness that distinguishes each Assuli wine. 

Each bottle tells a fascinating story that is intertwined with that of the land intimately linked by an ancient and profound relationship. Ludovico Ariosto told the most beautiful tales, imbued with intense and contrasting emotions, crazy loves and great defeats, just think of the famous battle of Lampedusa between the Saracens and the Christian Knights led by Paladin Orlando on his white horse who defeats the historical enemy Agramante or the unrequited love for the pagan Princess Angelica, which will lead him to madness. A legend that blends with reality in a great allegory of life that seals ever-present vicissitudes.

The line improves in elegance, with the intention of marking a vivid segmentation of the range. All the labels feature a white background in which the iconic elements of the visual imagery of chivalry, weapons, horses and courtesies stand out. Inspired by the culture of the original and Italian Furioso, narrated in a modern way, with a revitalized, playful, dynamic and fresh language. In fact, each label depicts a particular character and, as regards vintage whites, a specific organoleptic sensation (strong hints of pineapple for Fiordiligi, very fine notes of orange blossom in Carinda, peach blossom for Dardinello). The name of the wine is the protagonist in the middle becoming one with the grape variety. The back label, on the other hand, responds to the desire to inform the consumer about the organoleptic characteristics and the possession of organic certification. Each character is shown with an illustration created ad hoc that reinterprets the poem in a colourful and playful way, with an evolution in the colour codes of the current labels, all painted with the unforgettable colours of Sicily, sun yellow, sea blue, lime green, fiery red, intense black. Furthermore, for the first time the ‘cut’ becomes an integral part of the identity, that gesture recalling Fontana who revolutionized contemporary art. The shape is redesigned not only to bring out the product that blends with its name, but also to define an assertive and “timeless” trait. The entire restyling is aimed at reaffirming the traditional forward propensity of the Assuli winery, in a renewed contemporaneity, synonymous with solidity, optimism, presence and attention to quality.

The relaunch also passes through the adoption of a new glass shape, the borgognotta. Broad at the base, with tapered shoulders, which evokes Burgundy and its important Champagne, offered in the ‘Virgo’ version for Lorlando, Donna Angelica and Astolfo, ‘Sommelier Oak’ for Furioso and Lorlando Riserva, ‘Leggera’ for Fiordispina, Carinda, Dardinello, Fiordiligi and Ruggiero. The latter is rightfully included inlightweighting, that is the direction taken to reduce weight by using lighter glass, which reduces the use of raw materials, emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide and costs related to transport. On the other hand, Besi acquires greater importance: the top of the range could only be assigned an equally important bottle, the Bordolese d’Or, with a high shoulder and a shape with greater power and elegance, suitable for important red wines. To complete the package, the capsule size will be revisited (shorter), giving the bottle a more modern appeal.

The fineness is also down to the materiality of the label: from the papers, all natural FSC certified, the Fedrigoni – Ritrama® Natural Cotton Barrier for Lorlando, 100% water-resistant, natural white felt-marked, and for all the other references the Fedrigoni – Ritrama® Luce WS Barrier, heat sensitive; to the finishing with Kurz hot foil and the addition of a thickened silkscreen varnish to accentuate the effect to the touch.

To top it all, the logo has also undergone a slight restyling: it maintains the historic stylized pictogram of the sun with a new graphic style for the wording “Baglio” positioned next to it, overall more uniform, modern and legible. 

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