Assuli at Millésime Bio from 30 January in Montpellier

Assuli embraces the ecological transition and confirms its presence at Millésime Bio STAND 311 HALL B2 the first commercial event of the year for wine professionals which will take place at the Parc des Expositions de Montpellier Perols from 30 January to 1 February 2023 presenting its latest products to a French and international audience. In the heart of France’s largest organic wine region, more than 1,300 exhibitors from 20 countries around the world are expected, cementing Millésime Bio‘s status as the world’s leading business hub and forum for organic wines.

In a context where consumption criteria are changing, despite the reduction in wine consumption, that of organic wine is on the rise. 29% of Europeans have integrated it into their routines, compared to 17% in 2015 (‘Evolution of organic wine consumption in Europe Millésime Bio 2022’ research). Figures destined to increase, given that organic wine lovers are essentially younger than the average wine consumer. This will be the occasion to highlight sustainability as a driver of action of the Sicilian winery which has made territoriality its banner. Assuli will lead visitors on a journey through the life of the grape, therefore, from the vineyard to the bottle, according to the strict regulations of organic agriculture, but also the history, the characters of Orlando Furioso, and the choices that allowed the development of a large environmental sustainability project.

Assuli focuses on the rediscovery of autochthonous grapes such as Perricone and promotes the area, working on every single phase of the value chain to embrace an extended concept of sustainability.

* The architecture, which harmoniously blends the production building and the rural landscape.

** The vinyards, 130 hectares, including the experimental vineyard that contains the ancient autochthonous grapes, managed entirely under organic conditions, protecting and making the quality and typicality that have made Sicilian grapes great in the world increasingly more recognizable. The utmost attention is given to ensuring that the viticultural ecosystem is as balanced as possible to function at its best. For Assuli, organic is really an increase in sustainability: treatments with copper are reduced, to mitigate years with little rainfall organic fertilizers are used, since it is very important not to make the plants suffer and to keep the clusters covered. This allows aromatic integrity to be maintained. The scents, in fact, are linked to the availability of nitrogen in the soil, to vigour.

*** The production process, in the SOStain and V.I.V.A. Certification phase, two programmes for viticulture that go beyond the concept of “organic”. An ambitious and at the same time wholly tangible project that involves optimizing environmental performance to improve the sustainability performance of the entire wine-growing chain through the analysis of four indicators: AIR (climate footprint), WATER (water footprint), VINEYARD (impact of agronomic management practices) and TERRITORY (socio-economic-cultural impact). They are the tangible starting point on which Assuli will base its continuous improvement action, identifying measures that reduce the negative effects on the ecosystem and committing to implement them.

**** Then the eco-friendly packaging. The recent restyling of the packaging has led to the adoption of the Borgognotta Virgo Leggera bottle for Fiordispina, Carinda, Dardinello, Fiordiligi, Arcodace. Just 410 gr., a choice that is rightfully included in lightweighting, that is the direction to reduce weight by using lighter glass, which allows the use of less raw materials, emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide and costs related to transport. Furthermore, each light bottle saves about 200 grams of virgin raw materials which, together with a lower release of nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, are responsible for acid rain and the GWP (Global Warming Potential).

Important steps in a context in which Sicily is the first region for area of organic vines and for having developed an integrated protocol, created from the needs of producers and for producers. A path that is also aware of delivering to the next generations a land that is intact, alive and capable of giving back, in the products that come from it, that unique mix of factors that make Sicily one of the most popular Mediterranean islands in the world.

The Assuli wines protagonists at Millésime Bio, all DOC Sicilia, all 100% organic:

Roberto Caruso: “Why choose organic wine? Because it is a quality choice. Assuli has always worked towards the reduction of pesticides and has progressively increased and improved ecological practices, so much so as to join the VIVA programme, a project of the Ministry of Ecological Transition created to measure and improve the sustainability performance of the Italian wine supply chain. We have responsibilities towards those who choose to buy our wines, just as we have towards our employees, collaborators, the area in which we operate and those who will come after us. Being sustainable means being forward- looking”.

* Location
Montpellier Exhibition Centre
Route de la Foire – 34470 Pérols – France
GPS: Latitude: 43.5722311 / Longitude: 3.9520572 – View on Google Maps

** Open to the public
Monday 30 January from 10 am to 7 pm / Tuesday 31 January from 9 am to 7 pm / Wednesday 1 February from 9 to 5 pm

*** Entrance reserved for professional operators

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